Important News For This Week

As you all surely aware, Lebanon county is the final county in PA to achieve the Green designation. This is awesome because we can begin to resume a closer picture of our lives (whether they go back to how they were before is a conversation for another day;) This was to hopefully include the Bridge actual physical gatherings on Sunday mornings.
And yes, this was the plan. However, that plan has been altered.
My family and I went on vacation last weekend. This is great news until I tell you we went to Rehoboth beach and that there was a large COVID-19 outbreak while we were there.
I would like nothing more than to meet this weekend – I have been over the moon with excitement at seeing you and sharing the space with you again – but I cannot put any of us in any kind of compromised position. Over the past few weeks, we’ve spoken about levels of caution we choose…and that we were in a space that is KNOWN to be trouble raises that beyond where we are comfortable. I do not take my responsibilities with the safety of this community lightly, no matter what I might really, really want.
We will continue to be patient, even when it’s so terribly disappointing.
So, this week, we will:
  • Meet Saturday at 10am on Zoom for our contemplative retreat
  • Meet Sunday at 10:30am on Facebook Live for our Sunday service.
I will go ahead with the planned 3 week series on the re-dedication of the Bridge, with the 3rd week (July 19) being the return to the building. These next 3 weeks will shape the course of our community for the future, I hope you’ll join us as we ask and answer the questions “Who?” and “Why?”
Love & Peace.

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