Photo Gallery

These are just some of the things we do throughout the year that we have captured:


We supported Ryan at his Sled Hockey Fundraiser.  We froze, but had a blast!


Our first Variety Show featured, magic, rapping, lego building, singing, Trombone playing, secret writing, a Poem, lots of laughter and tons of fun!!



We wanted to Celebrate Gisy and all her hard work as our Worship Leader. We love that she is a part of our community!

worshipleader2 worshipleader1


Game Night February 2017

game2_feb game1_feb


Adelaide and Samantha Kneasel get dedicated!



Operation Christmas Child 2016

5occ_16 4occ_16 3occ_16 2occ_16 1occ_16


We took a hike to Governor Dick’s.

hike5 hike4 hike3 hike2 .hike1


Scott Kneasel’s Baptism

scott3_baptism scott2_baptismscott4_baptism scott1_baptism


Ryan and Friends came to us.  What an amazing day and celebration of our 1 year in the building!

ryan3_friends ryan2_friends ryan1_friends


Game Night August 2016



We love that the kids all sit together in one row!



Our building images

building2 buliding1


Operation Christmas Child 2014

3occ_14 2occ_14 1occ_14