About Us

What we believe…

• We believe in a completely loving God, represented as a Trinity: Father, son, and Holy Spirit.

• We believe every living thing was created by and for a God who has not abandoned His creation, but is, instead, actively reconciling the world to Himself through Jesus Christ.

• We know we have not earned this gift, in any way. It is due solely to the amazing grace of our savior, Jesus Christ. Any good works we do are a result and response to that grace.

• We recognize that, beginning with the choices of the first man and woman, we have all fallen from the original design, but through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we have been restored. Again, as “in the beginning”, we have been given the gift of life.

Our Purpose…

• The Bridge exists because we live in a world that desperately needs the love of Jesus.

• We believe we have been assigned the task of bringing a thirsty world water – whether that water is the physical necessities of life or, more importantly, the “Living Water”, which is His presence in us.

• Our goal is to embrace those who have either never heard the Gospel, or have wrongly confused religion with God.

• We will introduce our brothers and sisters to the Jesus that has absolutely transformed our lives.

• We will love as we have been loved.

Our Pastor…

Chad Slabach graduated from Lebanon Valley College where he earned a bachelor of Science degree. Then he went on to earn a bachelor of general ministry from West Coast Bible College. Chad is extremely passionate about teaching others how much Jesus loves them and how perfectly they were made.

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