The Bridge is a true, missional outreach community. We are committed to giving (money, time, and energy) to our community through our relationships and connections, finding individuals, families and organizations in need. If you’d like to join us in this mission, there is an orange box on the welcome table. Please contact us for more information.

This is our “Virtual” orange box. If you would like to support our community online, please click the link below to give:

Why give?
Of course, you don’t have to give anything, but it is absolutely vital in the life of a follower of Jesus to grow a spirit of generosity. The things with which we have been blessed are truly gifts, never really ours, only in our possession for a short while. The paradox of generosity is that the gift multiplies as it is given away. While you do not have to give to the Bridge, the idea is that you are moved to find certain passion areas (things you care about) where you will want to direct your generosity. It is here that we suggest other Giving Opportunities, their mission statements, and ways to donate and volunteer.

OTHER Giving Opportunities:

Harrisburg Christian Churches United,

“Christian Churches United is an ecumenical partnership with over 100 member churches in Dauphin, Cumberland, and Perry counties. Our goal is to provide assistance to many more people in need than one church could provide on its own.”

Contact: 413 S. 19th St. Harrisburg, PA 17104; Office: (717) 230-9550; HELP Ministries: (717) 238-2851;

Humane Society of Lebanon County,

“The object of the society shall be to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty of animals; to enforce all laws designed for their protection and to secure in a lawful manner the arrest, conviction and punishment of all persons violating such laws. The society through dissemination of literature and employment of other methods, shall undertake to instruct the people to be kind and considerate in their treatment of animals.”

Contact: 150 North Ramona Road Myerstown, PA 17067; Phone: 717-628-1369; E-mail:

Lebanon County Christian Ministries,

“Lebanon County Christian Ministries is an organization dedicated to making a difference by filling the physical and spiritual needs in individual lives, thereby making this community a better place to live.”

Contact: Lebanon County Christian Ministries, 250 S 7th St, Lebanon, PA 17042; Phone: 717-272-4400; To register:

Lebanon Rescue Mission,

“We work to provide the “weary and burdened” not only with the essentials of life — safe shelter, a bed to sleep in, and food to eat – but also with rest for their souls. We offer the time and tools to build a relationship with Jesus Christ…this is where true life change starts.”

Donate Here: The Lebanon Rescue Mission P.O. Box 5 Lebanon, PA 17042 or online at

Volunteer Opportunities: Contact Jenny Topping at 717-273-2301

Volunteer at the Agape Family Shelter: Contact Cynthia Smith at 717-272-6573

Volunteer at the Lebanon Free Clinic: Contact the Clinic at 717-273-2715

Light of Christ,

“We are committed to “walking” alongside the residents of Keystone Correctional and those men who are transitioning into the Central Pennsylvania area from Keystone. We do this by sharing food, clothing, books, hygiene items and other items donated to us by individuals, churches, agencies and businesses. We also share information about community resources that support reentrants. We walk beside one another and the residents, on the Jesus walk, as Jesus lights the path. We do this by meeting in community, with the residents, for prayer, worship, service and social events. We seek, together, the Light of Christ and the grace that He offers us.”

Contact: PO Box 6432  Harrisburg, PA 17112; Phone: 717-723-3565; Or see Patricia Snyder

Mission Central,

“Mission Central’s mission is “Connecting God’s Resources with Human Need.” This is accomplished by following three areas of focus…Mission Outreach, Mission Education and Disaster Response. By partnering with over 180 different organizations, we provide resources to groups who are doing humanitarian work locally, across the country and around the world.  Additionally, we stand ready to respond to all weather-related disasters or emergencies that occur.”

Contact: Donate or volunteer at

Pillows Of Love,

Mission: “Providing women and children in crisis with a hand-made pillowcase and Bible to encourage them to find shelter in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Vision: “…that all women and children in crisis may experience Christ’s love through the gift of a pillowcase and a Bible”

Volunteer at