Pride Of The Susquehanna

This weekend, we have a very special service/very special whole day planned.

Instead of meeting at our building, the Bridge will meet on the Pride of The Susquehanna, the riverboat on City Island! Gisy will sing, we’ll talk about Elisha (the prophet, not my son) and new bowls. Not ‘new’ like the red shoes I just bought. No, this is a different kind of new, a better kind of new.

We should arrive by 9:30 am, the riverboat will set out at 10, returning at 11.

Immediately following, we will eat our lunch together in one of the pavilions provided, then we will take our crew to the Harrisburg Senators for a 1 o’clock game.

With lots of sun and low humidity, it should be a gorgeous day of Gisy’s voice and new bowls on the Susquehanna river,  food and baseball on the island.

I hope to see you there! I’ll be the one in the red shoes

Love. Peace.

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