I have 2 quick unrelated thoughts for a gorgeous Thursday morning.

1st. Sometimes, our world can feel dark and hopeless. We turn on the news everyday and the lead is always pain, suffering, people lying to each other, hearts breaking. And then, there are other times, when the light crashes through, reaffirming our faith in humanity. We start to feed the idea, too long ignored, that people might be good and the universe is in exactly the right place. Last night, enough voters made the right decision and chose Grace Van Der Waal to be the 2016 America’s Got Talent WINNER!!!! The sun is brighter today and I am filled with love for my fellow man.

2nd. In 2 Timothy, Paul writes, “It is God who saved us and chose us to live a holy life,” or “called us to a holy calling.” Many times in the Scriptures, this Call is referenced. In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul urges us to “live a life worthy of the call which you have received.” This is the idea we’ll discuss this Sunday, and it’s one that could not be more vital. Too many of us live lives of depression and exhaustion. We make decisions for today, based on circumstance and emotion, leaving us with a life that looks random and meaningless. We look around and say things like, “There must be more.” The Bible speaks to this condition. But there are so many who see the Bible as only a book of rules and commands, never ending lists of do’s and don’t’s, and do we really need more things to think about, more hoops to jump through? I don’t see it that way. Not at all. I believe we all have a calling in our souls that has almost nothing to do with lists and walls and boxes, that our frustration comes from living outside of it, that once we find it, we will finally know purpose and peace.

I hope I see you Sunday.


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