Update On Tomorrow

So, there is a bunch of uncertainty in the world and that is impacting every facet of our lives. I just want to be clear and open in regard to our community.

We WILL meet tomorrow at 10:30am and our guest speaker WILL be there. If it’s not wise for you to come, we will post the message immediately after service so you can hear her message (I can’t wait to hear what she has for us!). However, there will be some noticeable changes. We are a community that gives lots of hugs and we will not do that for the next few weeks. We will be respectful and intelligent relationally in regard to touch and space. Every week, we end in a prayer where we “grab each other” (i.e. hold hands in a nice big circle), we will not do that for the next few weeks, either.

There are a few things I’d like to say about all of this.

I will be active on our social media outlets. We may have extra time, enjoy it – read your Bible, write in a journal, watch a Facebook Mini, start a book (even one that may or may not be called Chronicles, Nehemiah, and Other Books Nobody Reads;), play a game, listen to new music, eat some great food, call someone, write me a nice long email about you, give yourself permission, live.

We want to be responsible AND we refuse to live in fear, and I think in our community and our lives, that can look different for each of us. No one knows how to operate in something like this, there is no blanket guidebook, so we will step gently. In your own lives, be wise and practice self-care. Sleep, exercise, eat well, drink water, and of course, wash your hands. Look out for your family and neighbors. Be mindful and present. Give yourself a break. Give yourself permission.

(Actually, those seem to be pretty good ideas for life not lived in a state of emergency, don’t they?)

One more thing: There are many emotions related to this. As always, I encourage you to engage them all as they come, without assigning value to them. You may feel fear, gratitude, relief, anger, confusion, frustration, and on and on and on. They are all completely natural and expected. Walk into them and move on to the next when you’re prompted. Give yourself permission.

Hopefully, I’ll see you tomorrow. If I don’t, we’ll still love each other like crazy.

Love & Peace.

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