First, the bad news: We will NOT be on the riverboat Sunday. There has just been too much rain, they cannot sail. I’ll take this time to thank Dennis for all of the work he did to secure the pavilion, and then to change the reservation. We all appreciate you, whether we get to enjoy the fruit of your labor or not.
Followed by good news: We WILL be at the Bridge at the regular time, and we will continue in Romans, opening ourselves up to what someone called “the greatest of all monsters, and the root of all evil.” You can’t wait, right? As far as serving, no one was scheduled this week, so we’ll keep the kids upstairs – I’ll keep the message very short, probably 5-10 min;) and there will be no snacks at the hospitality table. That should be ok because we WILL still be having our meal together after the service, still following the sign up sheet.
If you have any questions about Sunday, please ask
I hope I see you all there, there’s almost nothing more beautiful than a community meal.

Love. Peace.

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