You know I’m writing a book, and that takes up an awful lot of time. I spend most of my days in front of a screen, pounding away, tying stories from the Bible to the Bridge and middle school and floods and faith and doubt and anger and family and movies and songs and everything else. I’m getting close to the end of what it will be (I could go on forever, probably, but it has to end somewhere, right?) – my hope is to have it finished and printed by Christmas. So, I want to share a little with you, an idea of what this monster might look like:

I just watched the movie V For Vendetta. (It’s super violent, so if that’s not your deal, I wouldn’t recommend it.) It’s about the exact same thing the New Testament is about: a Revolution of the Mind, a call to reawaken the imagination that’s lain dormant for way too long. The main character, simply named V, refuses to give up on a culture, a world, that has fallen into fear and despair. He refuses to accept that “it is what it is.” He refuses to abandon the idea that change is possible.  

And he’s exactly right. God hasn’t abandoned this world, His creation. In fact, He’s redeeming it. That’s what the cross is all about, that today is different from yesterday. That this world isn’t lost forever, that ‘it is what it is’ might have been fine yesterday, but now there’s an empty tomb and nothing will ever be the same again. Jesus is the perfect sign that He hasn’t left us all alone, in increasing darkness, and if He hasn’t, then we shouldn’t either. 

All we have to do is open our eyes to the reality all around us, open our ears to the music that’s already playing.   

V quotes Emma Goldman, “A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having.” The Trinity (God, Father, Son & the Holy Spirit) is a relationship, not static and rigid, but fluid, based on mutual giving, receiving, community, movement – like a dance. 

We are not drafted into an existence marked by more rules and checklists and entrance requirements. This is not a faith of sterile automatons trying to stay out of trouble, not a life spent trying to keep our hands clean. 

No, we are invited into a total revolution where we don’t surrender our beautifully determined hope to discouragement and desperation. Instead, we dance. 

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