Good morning everyone!!!

There is no easy choice to make today. We didn’t get a foot of snow (probably an inch or 2, instead), and right now it’s above freezing. But it’s not going to stay there, and the water and slush that is there now will quickly freeze. The site I listen to says “by daybreak,” most locations will be below freezing.


We will NOT be having our Sunday morning services today.

Be safe.

Stay inside. Breathe. Sleep in. Read Romans 8 and 9 – if you’re feeling inspired, 10. Eat something you love. Laugh. Stretch your hamstrings. Call someone. Cease.

We have a mid-week service on Tuesday at 6:30pm, a retreat at 9am on Saturday, and the rest of Romans 9 next Sunday. I hope I see you soon!!

Love. Peace.


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