Good morning everyone!
This is a good news/bad news situation.
Bad News: The Riverboat is CANCELED! With all of the rain we’ve gotten this season, they have had no choice but to cancel several weekends, including this one.
The riverboat folks were willing to allow us to reschedule for September 30th, but we had already rented the pavilion for our meal – with the Parks & Recreation dept of Harrisburg, and there is no game then.
Then, Good News: Dennis was able to charm the daylights out of the Parks&Rec dept and they were willing to allow us to reschedule our rental to Sept 30th, as well.
SO, that left us with a decision to make. What was more important to us, the riverboat or the baseball game? And, we’ve decided that the riverboat was, so we’ll be enjoying our service on the City Island riverboat (followed by a meal on City Island) on September 30!
This week, we will be meeting at the Bridge at 10:30am – regular time/regular place – and there will not be a meal (I’m very sorry to all of us who were bringing food – I hope you haven’t already made/bought anything for Sunday)
This week: Service at the Bridge at 10:30 – no riverboat/no meal/no game
***(unless you want to go to the game, I suppose – it just won’t be as a group)
Sept 30, 2018: service on the riverboat, 9:30am, followed by a community meal
Thanks, everybody, for being so flexible.
***Please let the friends you invited know about the change, they are still welcome this weekend at the Bridge;)
Love. Peace.

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