Last Sunday of Summer

With school fast approaching and summer vacation taking its last breaths, I wanted to reach out to lay out our fall schedule at the Bridge. We’ve all been away, missing each other, I’m anxious to re-connect.

This Sunday, I’ll share a message that has been sitting on my shoulders for weeks, like an animal, waiting for the right time to pounce. It’s taken from 2 parallel passages in Matthew (20:29-34) and Mark (10:46-52). Erwin McManus says, “We set the boundaries of our own existence,” and we’ll dive into a conversation on the many ways in which that is true and why. It’s a perfect message for our current season of new beginnings and soaring expectations. I can’t wait to dream big together, with each other and the God who continues to ask us, “What do you want me to do for you?”

The following Sunday (and the entire month of September), we’ll be studying the 2nd letter Paul wrote to Timothy. On the 11th, as we discuss Truth and faithfulness in the letter, we’ll celebrate this kind of beautiful faithfulness as we baptize Scott Kneasel. And, as we always do, we’ll eat a meal together afterwards.

October & November hold a very different journey for us. (Very different because the only book we’ve studied, so far, is the Bible – and we will continue to bring the Scriptures to all of our conversations, of course) We will study the 5 Love Languages, and Angel and I will co-teach. If you’ve ever had a conversation of any length with me, you’ve heard me refer to this book. It’s completely life-changing, so we’ll change our lives together. This requires small group discussion, so we’ll begin 2 mid-week groups to work out the concepts and how to apply them to our lives and relationships.

It’s an exciting time for our community – there is no question God has been leading us on this journey, I can’t wait to experience what He has planned for us in these next few months.

Our next steps begin Sunday. I’ll see you then.

Love. Peace.


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