a poem.

This is a poem I wrote:

Thank you.
Thank you for the blue sky with all of the clouds.
Thank you for the food, even the burned and tasteless.
These white chairs.
This bench.
The glasses of watered-down iced tea.
The sound of my kids voices raised to each other in anger.
Thank you for her.
Thank you for these songs, even this one.
Thank you for the car that shakes when I drive faster than 50.
The socks with the hole in the toe.
The neighbor’s barking dog.
Thank you for today.
And songs, especially this one.
Thank you for the Winter Soldier.
and that awful movie based on an ’80’s cartoon.
Thank you for freshly mowed grass.
Thank you for falling leaves.
Thank you for orange.
Thank you for everything.
Even the parts I don’t like so much.
Or at all.
Thank you for all of it.

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