Sunday 2/22/15

As the snow continues to fall, we are forced to give some attention to our service tomorrow.  I am hopeful, even with the accumulation, that the rising temperatures will make cleanup possible.  In this case, we will meet at the regular time at the regular place (10:30 AM at the Mays), to be followed with our community meal.  If this is not the case, we may change either time or place.  Unless we cancel altogether, any change will still include our meal.  Please check this website tomorrow, I will make a decision and post by 9 AM.

This weather (sub-zero temperatures, new snow EVERY day!!) is beginning to wear on all of us, but there is one very welcome side-effect.  We slow down.  The usual pace of culture is exhausting, chasing ‘productivity’ every moment of every hour.  We try to fit gallon jugs in shot glasses, we run until we break.  This weather forces us to sit down under blankets, playing games, eating as families, talking, listening, holding hands, taking naps.  We can finally breathe again, slowly, deeply, peacefully.  And that is no small thing.


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