Sunday 2/15/15

This Sunday, we will continue in our conversation of Colossians. Chapter 3 carries many large, troublesome ideas (seemingly inconsistent with chapters 1 & 2) into our lives and sets them down in the middle of the living room, so we’ll wrestle with what it means when what we read just doesn’t make any sense. And, hopefully, by the time we’re finished, it just might.
This weekend, we will also engage in one of my very favorite practices. After the service, we will stay and eat together. Everyone is invited to share this wonderful food together, unhurried and fully aware of the sacred nature of the community meal.
I hope to see you all there.
Of course, there is the possibility of weather being an obstacle to our gathering. If this occurs and we are forced to cancel, I will post here, so you may want to check before you brave the snow and, as I heard a newscaster state, “life-threatening wind chills.”
Love. Peace.

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